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Residential/Commercial Installation Agreement 

Real Estate Agents Responsibilities:

  • Provide Woodstock Signs with complete, accurate information on all order forms for installations and removals including cross street, map coordinates, phone numbers and directions.
  • Obtain Owner/Tenant approvals before requesting services from Woodstock Signs. Confirm with HOA of restrictions before ordering posts in communities or complexes. Agents are responsible for attach/removal of their riders.
  • Assist Woodstock Signs in recovering signs and sign posts from property when required due to locked garages, back yards, dogs unleashed, etc. Agents must call down signs immediately after listing is Sold or has Expired.
  • Agree that the Agent/Homeowner due to safety issues must NOT remove posts and stakes. Only Woodstock Signs employees are only authorized to remove our posts.
  • In the event of a lost/damaged or stolen post, reimburse Woodstock Signs the current cost of any items used for that installation.
  • Agent agrees to notify Woodstock Signs of any damage to pipes or underground systems (sprinklers) as a result to our installation. 
  • Agents/Brokers will pay for all services according to the rates defined in the provided price sheet.

Woodstock Signs Responsibilities:

  • Install and remove sign and posts after receiving requests (except Sundays, Mondays, Holidays and inclement weather), within one (1) to two (2) working days after the order has been processed, providing we have the sign and the order is received by 5:00 p.m. (Monday-Friday)
  • Follow all instructions provided by the Agent as to placement, in consideration of safety and city ordinances.  If no Special Instructions are given placement will be done in front of unit advertised. Any further relocation of posts, following initial installation per instructions will be charged accordingly.

    No posts shall be removed, relocated or replaced by anyone other than an authorized Woodstock Signs employee.
  • We charge $10 a month or $75 a year to house your signs in our warehouse.
  • We will NOT be responsible for any loss of Agents riders or brochure boxes on property after installation. We always leave those items for you to pick up from the property once the sign is called down.
  •  Repair, as a result of our installation, any damage to pipes and or underground equipment (sprinklers) provided the following:
  • Woodstock Signs will NOT be responsible to pay ANY damage if not given the opportunity stated above.  Agents agree to notify Woodstock Signs of the issue immediately and allow Woodstock Signs to inspect the damage before ANY repair service is employed. 

    Refusal by Owner/Tenant
  • Woodstock Signs can only install, place and remove the materials that you requested. When the Owner/Tenant of the property refuses to allow Woodstock Signs to perform its services, we will NOT jeopardize any damage to our materials by installing as requested. A Trip Charge will occur.
  • Termination: This agreement may be cancelled by either party upon thirty days written notice with or without cause. In this event, Woodstock Signs may, at its sole discretion, recover all posts and signs anytime within those 30 days of notice to terminate. All post installed are on a rental basis.  

Woodstock Signs & Installation
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